Virtual Child Life Research

Course 106 in the Tele-ChildLife© Course Series

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    Tele-ChildLife© 106: Virtual Child Life Research Course Slideshow Presentation

    • Child Life Virtual Research

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    Presentation by Kia Ferrer, MS, CCLS, GC-C, Founder of Tele-ChildLife©

    • Tele-ChildLife© 106: Child Life Virtual Research

    • Tele-ChildLife© 106: Child Life Virtual Research Part 2

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    Additional Resources Provided

    • Additional resources will be provided for course participants to further explore topics related to research methods, assessment, evaluation and professional accountability.

    • Evolutionary Growth Childhood

    • Research with Children

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    • Child Life Virtual Research Quiz

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Course Description & Pricing

The Tele-ChildLife© Virtual Child Life Research course includes a detailed presentation by Kia Ferrer, MS, CCLS, GC-C, which is accompanied by additional resources and the (optional) opportunity to engage in a collaborative discussion intended to foster individual and group reflection on methods of evaluation and research in the field. There will be a brief quiz provided for those who wish to earn 1.5 PDUs in the Performance Domain of Assessment. This course, available in July, 2020, is offered as a stand-alone module or at a discounted rate when purchased in the Tele-ChildLife© Full Course Series. Register now to reserve your place in the Virtual Child Life Research Tele-ChildLife© course!